Our knowledge applied in the Integral Management Platform

All that you need in one platform.

We reinvent day-to-day management: BedLoop.

The tool that allows you to have PMS, Channel Manager, CMS, CRM and ERP in one single platform , for better management of your vacation rentals.

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Having tested out most of the rental management softwares, we realized the real needs of the sector and decided to create our own management platform..

Property Management System.


BedLoop manages your reservations and offers a quick and intuitive check-in, which will allow you to give an excellent service to your customers.

Channel Manager.

The Channel

BedLoop has incorporated all the functions that any property owner has been searching for years. You will be surprised by how easy it is in use and all its functions.

Content Management System.


You can self-manage your properties: content, images, as well as having your own website with BedLoop. Just ask us to choose for our web templates.

Enterprise Resource Planning.


You will have an exhaustive control over the invoices, payments to the owners, commissions, and etc. that will facilitate your day to day. You will also have control over your own bills and the bills of your customers.

Customer Relationship Management.


Improve your relationships with clients. Send surveys, track and obtain information based on your best-selling and best-rated properties, and etc.

Payment Card Industry.

PCI Compliance

Security is also important in BedLoop, forget about payment gateways, card problems, etc... now you can have all the control with the BedLoop PCI.

Expand your sales

The new integral management platform makes easier to manage all your apartments and / or hotels. All your tools in one single system.

Integrated Connections

You will have your reservations fully integrated, as well as prices, availability and content.

Updated Calendars

One of the keys of any property owner is to have the calendars updated, BedLoop will help you with that.

Direct Sync

BedLoop is integrated with the main reservation portals of touristic and hotel sector.

Without Overbookings

You will no longer worry about the problems that overbookings may bring, BedLoop will have all yours calendars updated.

Invest in your time

BedLoop will help you to get more income with fewer resources and less time spent.

Greater Margins

Direct booking experience on your website, mobile devices and social networks.

Manage your vacation rentals

The main needs of apartment management companies.

Higher Income

With our synchronization you will have more confirmed reservations, fewer cancellations and fewer reservations to refuse.


With fewer cancellations and fewer rejected reservations, you will improve your positioning in the portals obtaining more reservations.


Monthly Plan, without extra cost or commissions

More than 20 years of experience in the sector

Due to all the problems experienced with different management systems throughout our trajectory, we finally decided to create our own platform to give you a definitive solution.
Channel Manager BedLoop Channel Manager BedLoop - Responsive Channel Manager

"BedLoop has reinvented the integrated management platform."

Integrated Management Platform

As property owners we think about the other owners.

Cloud Services

You can access BedLoop from anywhere, online and without local facilities.


SSL and PCI certifications are the main reasons why you do not have to worry about your security.


Maximum power and maximum speed, we use high level servers in a data center with all the conditions.


Our system is based on friendly programming. Our programmers have been trained by the best technology companies.

Customized Support

Our customer service will help you with all your questions. Customer satisfaction is very important for BedLoop.

World wide Web

Your website will be well positioned thanks to our training with the main search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).


Our prices have flexible opinions for everyone.


  • Total Acces
  • From 1 to 20 properties
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • * Direct Connection to Airbn & Booking


Most Used
  • Total Acces
  • From 20 to 50 properties
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • * Direct Connection to Airbn & Booking


  • Total Acces
  • From 50 to 100 properties
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • * Direct Connection to Airbn & Booking

Enterprise Plus

  • Total Acces
  • From 100 to 200 properties
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • * Direct Connection to Airbn & Booking

Consulting Plus

  • Total Acces
  • Revenue and Consulting includes
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • * Direct Connection to Airbn & Booking

What do our customers think about us?

They love us and we love them!

Elegant design and simplicity of use of the platform surprised me.

Javier Sotomayor

The functionality is excellent, my sales have increased thanks to the reports that the platform has given me. Also, it helped to improve various processes in the company.

Jorge Altamira

Thanks to the automatic synchronization I was able to dedicate myself to my pending tasks that I had never had time to review before.

Eric García

More Than 50 integrations

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