Property Management System

Your needs have also been our needs

Our PMS has been analyzed and prepared by property managers and owners like you, we have solved all your problems.


Reservations listings with all the necessary data, prices, daily pickup prices, clients´ data, reservation´s origins, check in/check out agents, invoices, contracts, credit cards data, police files data, internal notes, etc...


We have several calendars for a better optimization according your interest. We have monthly calendar with various calendar options, such as property calendar, rate calendar for you to see all the prices, property blocks calendar and etc...

Daily Activity

On the main page of the PMS you can view your daily arrivals and departures, as well as graphs based on the average accommodation rates and occupancy. In one single page you will have all the necessary information for your daily management.


BedLoop provides you with a tool where you can assign different tasks to your team, either mutual or individual tasks. Create reminders for a specific date and make sure your team does not forget anything. Your guests will benefit.

Check ins and Check outs

Having your team well organized according to the check ins and check outs you have today and next few days is very important. BedLoop provides you with a separate section so that you can organize your team, using different filters and search engines by date.


BedLoop makes it easy to create your own fully customized reports, for instance production and statistical reports that you can automatically send to the email you prefer with the periodicity you prefer.


Control when your property is ready for check in. You can check if an apartment is clean and if the cleaning staff has marked it ready on the BedLoop platform. Your guests will thank you.


Personalize all types of e-mails that you want to send to your clients. BedLoop provides you with a tool that helps you send personalized and programmable e-mails sorted by date of check in and check out, accommodation and origen of the reservation and etc...


We provide a default contract that you can customize with your own text and tags such as owner, guest, apartment and etc... You can create a PDF or just print it.