Corporate Image

BedLoop Identity Manual

The Brand.

BedLoop is design and innovation with a different personality. Our style of visual communication helps to convey the commitment and professionalization for our clients. We´ve created a corporate image that contains all the values we want to express through the brand.
As a company linked to technology, innovation is one of the essentials of the sector and BedLoop aims to go further than the rest of the competition to provide our customers with the best experience.
We´re growing with quality, therefore we offer a personalized service and pay attention to all the proposals that aim to improve the platform.
Stability and Knowledge
BedLoop is a consolidated brand with more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector.
Our IT Team is in constant training focused on evolving the sector and offering the best product.
We offer our clients a personalized, human and professional treatment that goes along with their expectations.

The Color.

The color defines a scenario of specific emotional values that we must consider when applying to any communication support. The main colors of BedLoop logo and symbol are RGB (62a4b4) and RGB (d6c27a).

Construction and Application.

The BedLoop logo is inscribed in a modular surface with the proportions of 8x10. The value "X" establishes the unit of measurement. Thus, we ensure the correct proportion of the brand´s logo on any support and measures.
Protection area
A protection area has been established around the logo and imagotype + logo. This area must be free of graphic elements that interfere with the perception and reading of the logo. The construction of the area is determined by the measure "X". Whenever possible, it is preferable to maximize this space by separating the logo from the other elements of the page (texts and images).

Download our BedLoop identity manual (in spanish) here