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About Us

Why Choose Us.

We started 20 years ago by managing luxury touristic apartments in Barcelona, ​​living from the beginning the evolution of the sector and working with the programs that were appearing on the market. We found very interesting software, but it always lacked a function. Then came the connection problems between different software, and we saw it was very difficult to manage our properties in an optimal and efficient way, so we decided to start developing our own program with the needs of all our departments. It all started with the PMS, looking for daily solutions that allowed us to be more professional and effective. Then came the Channel Manager and little by little we realized that we had created a tool that gave a solution to all the problems we had experienced in the past and which allowed us to focus on what was important: taking care of our customers..

Our Mission.

Having seen that all our colleagues in the sector continued with the same problems that we had a few years ago (such as overbookings due to synchronization errors between different management software, a lot of time invested in maintaining the data, photographs, prices, and availability updated…), we saw that it was necessary to bring our management platform to the market. BedLoop is the definitive solution to the day to day holiday rentals management, designed and made by our ckeck-ins agents, revenue managers and accounting department. All the changes in different holiday rental platforms are analyzed by our departments.

What do we do.

Day by day we continue working on our management platform to optimize the maximum time spent managing vacation rentals. BedLoop grows day by day, incorporating new sales channels and improving the functionality of all its systems. Every day new tools appear, in BedLoop we add them to the platform because we understand that 95% of the managers need everything grouped in a single place, without switching between different programs. Our test bench is our own company, a benchmark for holiday rentals in Barcelona, ​​a perfect destination. All the departments are related to each other, our ITs know what are overbookings, check ins, check outs, as well as other details of vacation rentals. Our accountants know how to transmit changes that are very constant to our ITs, this allows us to create an easy, useful, reliable platform.

We enjoy doing our work

BedLoop has a young cheerful team, always involved in the progress.
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