Channel Manager


Connect with other property managers/owners

Select the property owner that interests you, visualize the properties, select the apartments to import and synchronize all your data, as well as descriptions, rates, calendars, etc., in a few seconds, you can start growing your business thanks to our technology and without any commission.
Características Channel Manager

Choose the property owner

You can choose between all the property managers / owners who are BedLoop customers. With a single click you will see all the properties owned by this manager / owner and request the integration. The property manager / owner will respond to your request.


Choose the properties

Once the property manager / owner has accepted your request, you can select the properties you would like to import. With a single click you will import the chosen property including the images, descriptions, rates, availability, calendars, etc...


Fully synchronized

You will have all the properties synchronized so that you can publish them on your website, channels, etc ... All the reservations will be automatically synchronized with the property managers / owners that you have shared